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57. Stephen Michael Shamlian was born on Aug 31 1960.

He was married to Ann Marie Pickett on Jun 9 1990. He was divorced from Ann Marie Pickett. Ann Marie Pickett was born on Mar 10 1964. Stephen Michael Shamlian and Ann Marie Pickett had the following children:

child114 i. Kyle James Shamlian was born on Sep 18 1992.
child115 ii. Connor Michael Shamlian was born on Sep 22 1994.

He was married to Deborah Ann LaRiviere on Apr 6 1996. Deborah Ann LaRiviere was born on Jan 21 1970. Stephen Michael Shamlian and Deborah Ann LaRiviere had the following children:

child116 i. Cameron Ryan Shamlian was born on Nov 26 1997.
child117 ii. Kaitlyn Marie Shamlian was born on Jan 27 2000.

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