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65. Richard Jon Wetherbee was born on Jun 6 1966 in Worcester MA.

He was married to Suzanne Fortier (daughter of Henry Fortier and Charlotte Hislop) on Nov 24 1990 in Merrimack, NH. Suzanne Fortier was born on Jul 28 1967 in Merrimack, NH. Richard Jon Wetherbee and Suzanne Fortier had the following children:

child127 i. Ian Burke Wetherbee was born on Sep 5 1996 in Sturbridge, MA.
child128 ii. Jared Cole Wetherbee was born on Aug 14 1998 in Sturbridge, MA.
child129 iii. Avery Zane Wetherbee was born on Oct 17 2001 in Sturbridge, MA.

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